Best Indian Diet Food

The delicious blend of flavors and spices make Indian food some of the most popular cuisine in the world. Whether they are of Indian origin or simply enjoy these types of dishes, people love to eat Indian food in restaurants, from a take-out or at home by creating spicy food themselves.

However, Indian food is known for being high in fat with many dishes based on ghee or using deep frying cooking methods. For this reason, many people avoid eating Indian food while they are on a diet. You do not need to do this as there are some excellent dishes you can enjoy that are not high in fat or sugar and can be included as a tasty part of your healthy eating plan.

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken is the best option when picking a protein as this lean meat is low in fat. Tandoori refers to the method of cooking. A tandoori oven is a traditional clay oven used for many Indian dishes. With this dish, the chicken is coated with a spicy marinade before being cooked in the tandoori oven. The overall result is similar to BBQ chicken. The main reason this dish is such a good choice for dieters is because the lack of a sauce means it is much lower in fat and calories than many other Indian dishes.

Chicken or Prawn Tikka

Again, choosing prawns or chicken is lower in calories than opting for lamb dishes. Tikka is another dish that comes without a sauce, so fewer calories and fat are included. This dish should not be mistaken for tikka masala as the latter has a thick and calorie-laden sauce.

Tandoori Roti

Instead of opting for a naan bread with your Indian meal, choose a tandoori roti. This wholegrain alternative has fewer calories and is lower in fat. As it contains whole grains instead of refined flour, there are benefits to your health, including a lower risk of obesity.

Aloo Gobi

Indian cuisine is vegetarian friendly as there is a great range of meals that include vegetables rather than meat. Aloo gobi is one of the traditional Indian options. Ingredients of this dish usually include cauliflower, onions, basil leaves and turmeric. Filling up on vegetables can really help with your diet as hey make you feel full for longer but have fewer calories and fat than meats or carbohydrates.

Chana Masala

This is a chickpea-based dish that is spicy, low in fat and low in the glycemic index. Not only will this dish keep you feeling fuller for longer, it can also aid weight loss. There is no sauce with this meal and this is one of the main reasons why it is a healthy choice. Chana masala is a fantastic option for vegetarians or as a spicy accompaniment to a piece of meat for meat eaters.

Prawn Kebab

Not only are prawns lower in fat than most meats, the grilling or tandoori oven cooking methods used in making kebabs are also healthier than dishes that use frying. Typically, the prawns are marinated in spices before cooking, so you don’t miss out on flavour even though the dish is healthier.

Boiled Rice

Rice is the typical accompaniment to many Indian dishes. While there are usually several rice options to choose from to accompany your meal when you eat out, the best options for someone on a diet is boiled rice. There is no fat involved in the cooking of this side order, so it is by far the healthiest option on the menu. If you are cooking Indian diet food at home, then try to use brown rice as this has additional benefits to your health.

Cucumber Raita

When you eat out at an Indian restaurant or order a take-out, you may well be offered sauces, dips, pickles and chutneys to accompany your meal. The healthiest of these to choose is cucumber raita. Not only is this low in fat in comparison to some of the other options, it can also help to coo your mouth after eating a particularly spicy dish.

The Indian diet is extremely diverse with influences taken from different regions of the country. These are just a few of the flavor-packed dishes that you can still enjoy even if you are on a diet or following a healthy eating plan.

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