Which Biriyani is best in India?

Love Indian food and want to know more about Biryani? A favourite food for more than a billion Indians, the Biryani has its own charm. If you’re headed off to India, the one dish that you do need to try out is Biryani. It is the Indian dish that you should never miss to try out on. Cooked with chicken and rice and different spices, you would see a number of variants of the dish across India – and you would want to know which one you should try out.

What is a Biriyani?

Though Biriyani has a Persian origin, it has certainly attained immense love in India. The Indian version of Biriyani has only made it even better. There are many varieties of Biriyanis in India, and each is unique in its own way.


Hyderabadi Biriyani

This is popular in Andhra Pradesh.This has a mughalai touch. It is different from the other Biriyanis as it does not concentrate more on the gravy and masala. Rather, the cooking of the rice and the saffron makes the difference. This adds the special taste to this biriyani. Hyderabad and Biriyani are definitely two inseparable words commonly used in India.


 Dindigul Biriyani

A special dish that brings out the spices in a fresh, delicious way when mixed with jeera samba rice and meat is what defines this Biriyani. The origin of this Biriyani is in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. The home-made masala and has a fragrance that tempts making this all the more beautiful. The experience is definitely worthwhile.


Ambur Biriyani

This Biriyani is also a pride of Tamil Nadu. This Biriyani uses a comparatively milder amount of spices and also makes use of jeera samba rice. The side dishes such as the brinjal curry and the special raitha or pachadi that contains curd and cucumber adds an exquisite flavor to this Biriyani.


Malabar Biriyani

The word “Malabar” makes us clear of the origin of this Biriyani. Kerala has it’s own method of Biriyani making. The rice is cooked separately, and the meat is fried or made into a gravy separately. They are mixed in the end while serving. This paves a way to experience the flavors distinctively.


 Lucknowi Biriyani

It has its origin in Uttar Pradesh and this variation of the dish is low on spices. It uses a Persian method called “dum pukht” where the rice and the meat are cooked partially and layered. This special dum biriyani gives you the delightful experience of tasting partially cooked basmati rice.


Kolkata Biriyani

The origin of this Biriyani is in the western part of India. West Bengal is known to have dishes that are sweet or low on spices. This Biriyani uses ghee and minute amount of spices with meat and basmati rice. This gives this Biriyani an authentic Kolkata touch. Those who prefer the delicious yet subtle amount of spices are promised to relish this dish.


Bombay Biriyani

The origin of this Biriyani is in Maharashtra. This also makes use of the Persian “dum pukht” method where the basmati rice and meat are partially cooked. This is very similar to the Lucknowi Biriyani. The difference is the use of potatoes along with meat in this Biriyani. The taste of crispy meat and delicate mashable potatoes with the flavored half cooked rice gives this an exclusive taste.


Bhatkali Biryani

The origin of this Biriyani is in Karnataka and also has a subtle amount of spices. Biriyani and raitha is a familiar combination where the rice and meat are soaked in curd and consumed. Whereas, in this Biriyani making, the basmati rice and meat are cooked with curd. The use of curd not only makes it less spicy but also adds a distinguishing yet cherishable flavor to this dish.


Which Biryani Should You Try Out?

There may be different varieties of Biriyanis in India, but they do connect on one common term, and that is “delicious”. If you’re looking at ‘which Biriyani is best in India?’, it’s difficult to answer.


It all depends on your taste. If you want a Biryani low on spices, you could try out the Lucknow variant and if you want something exquisite, do not forget to try out Kolkata Biryani. One of the most popular variants, all across India though, remains the Hyderabadi Biryani.






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